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Forget~Me~Not Grief Services

Helping You Navigate Grief

& End of Life

   Certified Trauma-Informed Grief Educator Milissa Wilk Larstanna

         will guide you through your journey of grief and healing

How I can Help

As a Grief Educator, I will support you and give you tools to help you move forward in your grief process. Grief education is a goal oriented approach which focuses on helping you to complete the unfinished business surrounding your loss. I do this by providing a safe and confidential space for you to share your journey, and hold space for you as you navigate this difficult time. I offer other services such as End of Life Planning, Eldercare coordination and End of Life Doulagiving. Be sure to explore my site to see how we can work together. Please note that the work I do is not therapy, and if you require further help beyond what I can provide, you will be referred to a licensed therapist.


"Silently, One by One, in the Infinite Meadows of Heaven, Blossom the Lovely Stars, The Forget-me-Nots of the Angels."


                                       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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