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End of Life
Doulagiver Support

As an End of Life Doulagiver,  I am available once a person receives a terminal diagnosis. The services provided can be varied, but will mostly be in the form of educating what to expect and anticipate during this time. Together we can develop a plan of how and where you would like to spend your end of life. As a Holistic, non-medical professional, I can liaise with hospice, medical providers and family members to insure communication lines are open and clear. I can also assist with end of life planning, developing funeral arrangements, creating legacy projects and even help you to write your own eulogy. I can also hold space for you as you transition from this world. As an ordained minister, I can deliver eulogies and preside at Memorial Services or Celebration of Life ceremonies.I am available to attend to grief issues as they arise for you and your family. My services are  provided in prepaid package form, and can vary depending on the individual. End of life brings with it a lot of emotions, but with proper support and planning it can be a beautiful and meaningful experience.

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