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Grief Education and Coaching

I will hold space for you and provide a listening ear to support you in your process. We will schedule one hour Grief Coaching sessions via zoom, over the telephone, text, or during a "Grief Walk", where we can meet and sit or walk at a park or beach. All sessions are private and confidential. Initially we will have a free connection call to discuss where you are in your grief journey, expectations and questions. We will also determine if we are a good match and committed to working together.Unlike therapy, Coaching does not diagnose or treat mental health disorders.Grief Coaching is a goal-oriented approach which focuses on helping you to complete the unfinished business surrounding your grief.

I will also be having ongoing Grief Support Groups that will be created based on need and interest. These groups provide a nurturing community of support for people experiencing similar grief/losses. The groups are designed to take place in four weekly sessions, and can be continued further if necessary.  Please contact me for details.

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