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About Me


My name is Milissa Wilk Larstanna

I have over 4 decades of experience with loss, grief and caretaking, that I bring to my grief education practice. I am a peer to peer coach who specializes in Grief and Trauma, which I feel is a great need in the world we are living in.  I am a

holistic healer and supportive educator who is here to guide you through your journey of grief, healing and finding meaning. I am certified as a Trauma-Informed Grief Educator, End of Life Doulagiver, and Eldercare Specialist. I am also a Minister in the Universal Life Church. 

I have studied with with world-renowned Grief expert David Kessler, Trauma Specialist Dr. Frank Anderson and Suzanne O'Brien, Director of the International Doulagiver Institute. I have a BA from Montclair State University, where I studied Family and Child Services and Community Psychology. I have done graduate level Nursing courses and  spent many years as a Massage Therapist and Energy worker.

I am a Holistic healer and support coach and educator who is here to guide you through your journey of releasing trauma and processing grief.

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                         Areas of Specialization

Parental Loss

Sibling loss

Miscarriage/Child Loss

Loss of Relationships

Pet loss

Suicides/Violent Deaths

Living with Disabilities/Special Needs

Alzheimers/Cancer/Chronic Illness

Covid Related Loss

Alcoholism and Addictions


Loss of Home, Job/Income

Traumatic Weather Events

Loss of Safety

Loss of Life Expectations


Caregiver Support

Planning for End of Life

Memorial Tributes

Coordinating Eldercare

End of Life Doulagiver Services

Public Speaking on Grief and Death

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