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Planning for End of Life

No one really wants to think or talk about their own death. But we will all have one.

I am ready to work with you to create a plan of what you would like yours to look like. Over a number of sessions, we will develop a plan together, using the Five Wishes Document, and other resources. We will create a legal plan of what you want during your final days. It will provide a helpful guide to family members, friends, caregivers and doctors to help them honor your vision of what your last days should look like, as well as how you would like to be remembered. The Five Wishes Document would stand in place of a living will and durable power of attorney documents. We can work together to identify how you want to be cared for, and what you want your loved ones to know. Other services I provide are helping you to create a legacy project, compose your own obituary or eulogy, and help you to communicate with your loved ones, to make your wishes known.

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